Post Trade

Post Trade

Post Trade focuses on the creation of a single integrated post-trading process for securities transactions in Europe.

The Post Trade Division seeks to achieve harmonisation, standardisation and consolidation through best practice and regulation. Providing clearing, settlement and custody solutions to reduce costs and risks of market participants, the division’s work covers the operational, legal, tax, and regulatory aspects of post-trading.

Key priorities:

  • Contribute to the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union project in the post trade space
  • Represent and support members in the process of developing the T2S system 
  • Work with members and policymakers to implement the complex buy in rules CSD Regulation
  • Promote, monitor and verify the implementation of the Markets Standards for Corporate Actions
  • Actively support the results of the European Post Trade Forum (EPTF) report

Key resources:

A Roadmap for Integrated, Safe and Efficient Post Trade Services in Europe

Our vision is for a truly integrated, harmonised, low risk and low-cost post trading system in Europe, post trade infrastructures and service providers that compete in a harmonised and standardised operational, legal and regulatory environment, offering innovative and low-cost services to all users on a non-discriminatory basis.

AFME Post Trade Due Diligence Questionnaire 2019

This document aims to standardise and simplify the process of completing due diligence questionnaires for subcustodians. 

Spanish Equity Cash Dividends: Market Practice for Failed Settlements

This document is intended to provide the details for a market practice to handle cash compensations (formally known within the industry as ‘market claims’), between trading counterparties, related to failed settlement of Spanish equity transactions over dividend record date (RD) post the market changes as part of the Spanish Market Reform (SMR).

Final Report of the European Post Trade Forum

In early 2016 the European Commission set up an informal expert group on post-trading, including the areas of collateral markets and derivatives. The objective of  the EPTF was “to support the work of the Commission to review the developments in post-trading, including collateral management services, in line with the CMU, in order to promote more efficient and resilient market infrastructures in the EU”. 

12th Annual European Post Trade Conference

Post Trade board

  • Martyn Nott, Chair

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  • Justin Chapman, Co-Vice-Chair

    Northern Trust Corporation

  • Eric de Gay de Nexon, Co-Vice-Chair

    Société Générale

  • Sharon Hunt


  • Alan Cameron

    BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking

  • Tom Casteleyn

    BNY Mellon

  • Jeffrey King


  • Rob Scott

    Commerzbank AG

  • Heiko Zimmermann

    Credit Suisse

  • Marko Niederheide

    Deutsche Bank AG

  • Quinn O'Bryen

    Goldman Sachs International

  • Jane Karczewski


  • Dirk Hoppmann


  • Antoine Vonk


  • Alex Dockx

    J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, NA

  • Ian Williamson

    Lloyds Banking Group

  • James Pike

    Morgan Stanley & Co. International plc

  • Neeraj Garg

    NatWest Markets

  • Leigh Cleasby


  • Anders Tvilde


  • Marcos Santos


  • Vicky Kyproglou