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Introducing AFME

Learn about who we are, how we work, and our rich history

AFME - The voice of Europe’s capital markets

The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) is the voice of all Europe’s wholesale financial markets, providing expertise across a broad range of regulatory and capital markets issues.
We represent the leading global and European banks and other significant capital market players.

We advocate for deep and integrated European capital markets which serve the needs of companies and investors, supporting economic growth and benefiting society.

We aim to act as a bridge between market participants and policy makers across Europe, drawing on our strong and long-standing relationships, our technical knowledge and fact-based work.

How we work

AFME acts as a bridge between the wholesale financial markets, politicians, regulators and the public.
Our core activities consist of:

  • Advocacy - close dialogue with regulators to ensure that the industry's perspective is understood and carries weight
  • Policy development - applying our market expertise to assist formulation of EU and national legislation
  • Education - helping policymakers to understand the markets
  • Communication - developing content, convening debates
  • Co-ordination - bringing market participants and industry bodies to work together on the key issues for the sector
AFME divisions work with members, regulators, and policymakers to help develop a more sustainable and efficient financial industry.

Each division has a Board and/or Committee made up of members who guide its activities and take part in working groups, and informal discussions to respond to regulatory reform proposals and develop best practices.

What makes AFME different

  • Focus on wholesale banking issues
  • Direct participation by member firms, not an association of associations
  • Deep in-house expertise from highly qualified staff with market backgrounds.
Influence and credibility enhanced by:

  • Unique member-led committees that address wholesale financial industry topics from a market, prudential and policy perspective.
  • Expertise in producing evidence-based research and content, including: position papers, publications and events.