Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a top priority in the financial industry in ensuring the identification and response to cyber security risks and emerging frameworks, aligns with the security of customer assets, their information and the efficient, reliable execution of transactions within markets.


AFME is actively engaged in coordinating the effort to support a safe, secure, resilient information infrastructure within the financial sector, which provide security and privacy of customer information and efficient, reliable execution of transactions.

We continually work with industry and government leaders to identify and communicate cyber security best practices and capabilities to educate the industry on evolving threats and appropriate responses.

Cyber security is cross-border in nature, AFME is pro-actively engaged through the GFMA (Global Financial Markets Association), with sister trade organisations (SIFMA and ASIFMA) on cyber security related issues.

AFME Cyber Security Resources

Here are resources to improve the industry’s overall cybersecurity. Many resources leverage industry best practices and the volunteer efforts of AFME member firms to help all firms increase their cybersecurity.


Ian Waterworth

Director, Technology and Operations

Marcus Corry

Associate Director, Technology & Operations