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European Primary Dealers Handbook Updated 2019/2020
21 Feb 2020
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AFME has updated its European Primary Dealer Handbook, providing a detailed description of the infrastructure of the Primary and Secondary government debt markets in 20 European jurisdictions, as well as the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). 

This latest version of the Handbook includes information on 5 additional Primary Dealer markets, which were not previously included. These are: 

  • Bulgaria 
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary 
  • Poland
  • European Stability Mechanism (ESM)

Since it was first published in 2008, this handbook has been an invaluable reference work for European government bond market participants, dealers, brokers, DMOs, investors, as well as policymakers and journalists. Primary Dealers fulfil a key role by providing liquidity in the markets for government debt. The sovereign debt crisis emphasised the importance of Primary Dealers within the structure of the government debt markets.