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Securitisation Data Snapshot Q1 2024
29 Apr 2024
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Author Julio Suarez Director
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AFME is pleased to circulate the European Securitisation Data Snapshot for Q1 2024.


Key highlights:


Q1 2024 European Issuance

  • In Q1 2024, EUR 60.7 bn of securitised product was issued in Europe,¹ an increase of 43.8% from Q4 2023 (EUR 42.2bn) and an increase of 69.2% from Q1 2023 (EUR 35.9bn).²
  • Of this, EUR 33.3 bn was placed, representing 54.9% of the total, compared to EUR 28.4bn placed in Q4 2023 (representing 67.3% of EUR 42.2bn) and EUR 19.9bn placed in Q1 2023 (representing 55.4% of EUR 35.9bn).
  • In Q1 2024 Pan European CLOs led placed totals, followed by UK RMBS and German Auto ABS.³
    • Pan European CLOs increased from EUR 7.9bn in Q4 2023 to EUR 11.6bn in Q1 2024.
    • UK RMBS increased from EUR 5.4bn in Q4 2023 to EUR 9.2bn in Q1 2024.
    • German Auto ABS increased from EUR 2.7bn in Q4 2023 to EUR 3.1bn in Q1 2024.