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T+1 Update: What have we learned from the US? What’s next for Europe? Thumbnail Image

About the event

Join us for a complimentary webinar to hear the latest updates on T+1 directly from industry experts.

Our expert speakers will discuss the immediate “lessons learned” from the first month of T+1 in the US, and the current state of play in Europe, covering both EU and UK developments.

Topics that will be covered during the webinar include:

    • How has the industry managed the expected impact on settlement fails, securities lending, and FX?

    • How is the work of the UK technical group progressing?

    • What comes next in the EU? How can European jurisdictions best coordinate their approach?

This webinar will take place 26 June 2024 14:30-15:30 BST

Registration enquiries

For registration enquiries, please contact Events on [email protected] for assistance.


Andrew Douglas

Chair, UK Accelerated Settlement Task Force, Technical Group

Andrew Harvey

Managing Director, Global FX Division, GFMA

Anthony Macchiarulo

Assistant Vice President, Financial Services Operations & Assistant General Counsel, SIFMA

Emma Johnson

Executive Directive, Global Custody Industry Development, JP Morgan

Peter Tomlinson

Director, Head of Post Trade, AFME

Susan Yavari

Senior Regulatory Policy Advisor, Capital Markets, EFAMA