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  • Creating an integrated Financing Union in Europe

  • Highlights from AFME’s 2nd Annual European Compliance and Legal Conference 2018

    AFME’s 2nd Annual European Compliance and Legal Conference took place on 1-2 October 2018 in London. It brought together a high-level audience to engage with leading industry experts and discuss key issues shaping the legal and compliance functions in the European financial sector.

  • Is Capital Markets Union on track to boost Europe’s economic growth?

    What are the objectives of the European Commission's Capital Markets Union initiative? And, three years after its launch, is it on track to boost economic growth in Europe?

  • Technology and Innovation in Europe's Capital Markets

    James Kemp and David Ostojitsch from AFME's Technology and Operations Division discuss how key technologies such as Artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Data & Analytics and DLT have the potential to revolutionise capital markets.

  • Why does Capital Markets Union remain a vital initiative for Europe?

    Nicolas Veron, Senior Fellow at Brussels Think Tank, Bruegel, and at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and Pablo Portugal, a Director in AFME's Advocacy team, join AFME Head of Media Relations, Rebecca Hansford to discuss why Capital Markets Union remains so important for supporting economic growth in Europe.

  • Adam Farkas on further developing the European Securitisation market

    Adam Farkas, Executive Director, European Banking Authority, assesses the current condition of the European Securitisation market and outlines current EBA priorities in this area.

  • GDPR: does it conflict with other regulation for banks?

    AFME's Co-heads of Policy, Richard Middleton and Will Dennis, discuss the implications of GDPR for banks in terms of continuing to meet their wider regulatory obligations.

  • AFME CEO Simon Lewis in conversation with Sir Nick Clegg

    AFME Chief Executive, Simon Lewis, joined Nick Clegg, keynote speaker at this year's Global ABS conference, to discuss European politics, Brexit and financial markets 10 years on from the financial crisis.

  • GDPR: Banks are well prepared for go live

    AFME's Co-Head of Policy, Richard Middleton, explains how banks are well placed for GDPR implementation.

  • Why is tackling Europe's non-performing loans issue so important?

    In this video we explain why reducing the relatively high level of non-performing loans (NPLs) held by European banks is a priority issue, and what action AFME thinks should be taken.

  • Why is cyber security so important for financial services?

    In this video Emmanuel Le Marois, a Manager in AFME's Technology and Operations team discusses why cyber security is such an important issue for financial services. He also outlines what action is being taken in Europe and what AFME thinks are key cyber security issues for the future.

  • Kay Swinburne MEP: The impact of Brexit on global cooperation in finance

    We spoke to Kay Swinburne MEP, following her keynote at AFME's 2018 European Trading & Market Liquidity Conference, about how Brexit may impact global cooperation within finance. 

  • AFME CEO, Simon Lewis: Why Capital Markets Union remains so important for Europe

    AFME Chief Executive, Simon Lewis, outlines why the Capital Markets Union remains a vital project for Europe's Capital Markets.

  • James Kemp: What next for the FinTech Action Plan?

    AFME Managing Director, Technology and Operations, James Kemp outlines what he sees as the next steps following on from the European Commission's FinTech Action Plan.

  • What is important for the future?

    David Ostojitsch, AFME's Director, Technology & Operations at AFME discusses what is important for the future?

  • Why is the European Commission Consultation on Fintech so important?

    David Ostojitsch, Director, Technology & Operations at AFME discusses why is the European Commission Consultation on Fintech so important?

  • What is the role of the AFME Technology and Operations division?

    David Ostojitsch, Director, Technology & Operations at AFME discusses what is the role of the AFME Technology and Operations division?

  • Where is the Tech & Ops division focusing?

    David Ostojitsch, Director, Technology & Operations at AFME discusses Where is the Tech & Ops division focusing?

  • Key findings from the European Post Trade Forum Report

    Werner Frey, AFME's Managing Director of Post-Trade discusses the key findings from the European Post Trade Forum Report

  • Bank restructuring post-Brexit "could cost up to 15 billion Euros"

    With no post-Brexit free trade deal yet struck to ensure easy access to EU markets, some banks are already moving jobs to Frankfurt and Dublin. And now a new report for the Association of Financial Markets in Europe warns that the cost of restructuring could be as much as 15 billion Euros. Chief Executive Simon Lewis speaks to Ian King.

  • FX Global Code Launch Highlights

    To mark the launch of the FX Global Code on 25 May 2017, the GFMA Global FX Division, in conjunction with the Investment Association, the ACI and a number of other trade bodies, hosted an evening panel session with some of the key figures behind the development of the Code. 

  • FX Global Code of Conduct Launch - An interview with Chris Salmon

    An interview with Chris Salmon, Executive Director for Markets, Bank of England

  • FX Global Code of Conduct Launch - An interview with Adrian Boehler

    An interview with Adrian Boehler, MPG Member & Global Co-Head of FXLM and Commodity Derivatives, BNP Paribas

  • FX Global Code of Conduct Launch - An interview with Guy Debelle

    An interview with Guy Debelle, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia

  • FX Global Code of Conduct Launch - An interview with James Kemp

    An interview with James Kemp, Managing Director, GFMA Global FX Division

  • FX Global Code of Conduct Launch - An interview with Simon Potter

    An interview with Simon Potter, Head of Markets, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

  • Presentation to AFME Tech & Ops Committee by Janine Hirt

    Presentation to AFME Tech & Ops Committee by Janine Hirt of Innovate Finance on Fintech investment trends, industry and regulatory sandboxes & Fintech collaboration approaches

  • Q&A with AFME Tech & Ops Committee

    Q&A with AFME Tech & Ops Committee and Innovate Finance, Novastone, Onfido and Sybernetix on how large financial institutions can engage better with early stage Fintechs

  • AFME What is CRD5?

    Listen back to our April 2017 Members Briefing Call on CRD5/CRR2 on the AFME website for more information

  • Has the 2016 fall in bank shares been overdone?

    AFME's Head of Prudential Michael Lever explains the drivers behind the fall in bank shares seen in the early part of 2016, including the uncertainty around upcoming financial regulation.

  • Why UK banks are represented by AFME

    Clare Francis, Managing Director and Head of Global Corporate Banking at Lloyds Banking Group, explains her work with AFME and the importance of being represented by a pan-European organisation.

  • The value AFME provides for BNP Paribas

    Capital markets are vital for funding growth in Europe. Olivier Osty BNP Paribas's Global Head of Sales & Trading, Global Markets helps explain the barriers to economic growth in Europe and how AFME acts as a trusted interlocutor between banks and regulators.

  • How J.P. Morgan works with AFME

    J.P. Morgan's Co-Head of Global Credit, Securitised Products and Public Finance, Guy America explains how the bank works with AFME and the value the association brings when it comes to interacting with policy-makers.

  • Why capital markets are needed to finance growth

    Work still needs to be done to explain the importance of capital markets in Europe, but this is changing with a growing recognition that these markets are vital for growth. AFME's Managing Director of Advocacy, Tanguy van de Werve, explains what can be done at a national and international level to promote growth in Europe through its capital markets.

  • Supporting SMEs and the European Growth agenda

    Rick Watson, AFME's Head of Capital Markets, explains how the European Commission's Capital Markets Union initiative will help SMEs tap into more diverse funding sources.

  • Rebuilding trust and confidence in the FX industry

    James Kemp, Managing Director of GFMA's Global FX Division, discusses the need to rebuild trust in the FX industry and the upcoming global code for foreign exchange.

  • The importance of internal capital models

    Jacqueline Mills, Director of AFME's Prudential Division, explains the how internal risk measurements provide the most accurate results for the banking industry.

  • Reforming Europe's disparate insolvency regimes

    AFME’s Director of Strategy, Paul McGhee, discusses the economic benefits of reforming European insolvency law and the findings from AFME’s insolvency report.

  • Market Liquidity 2016

    AFME’s Annual European Fixed Income and FX Market Liquidity Conference provides market participants, policy makers and regulators with a lively forum to discuss current issues affecting European financial markets, in particular market liquidity.

    2016’s conference featured keynotes from Philip Coggan, Buttonwood columnist and Capital Markets Editor at The Economist and Charles Roxburgh, Director General, Financial Services at HM Treasury. On the agenda were panel sessions examining China’s impact on European markets, emerging technology and how changes in conduct affect liquidity.

  • European High Yield: A Spanish Perspective

    Gary Simmons, AFME’s High Yield Managing Director,  and Christian Knitzschke, Head of High Yield Syndicate Europe at BBVA, discuss the key takeaways from AFME’s “European High Yield: Spanish Perspective” conference in Madrid.

  • What the Senior Managers Regime means for banks

    With the new Senior Managers Regime coming into force, AFME's Head of Compliance, Will Dennis, explains the implications of the new regulations and what they mean for the banking industry.

  • How AFME provides insight for Europe's policymakers

    Trade associations put across the industry position on key policy positions coming out of the European Commission and Parliament. But how do they actually interact with the policymakers themselves? MEP Kay Swinburne explains the role trade associations play in policy-making and the need for trusted counter-parties, such as AFME.

  • AFME's history, board and achievements

    AFME Chairman Michael Cole-Fontayn provides insight on the association's formation after the financial crisis and how it has provided a forum for the industry to effectively debate the issues affecting Europe's capital markets.

  • Why there's a need for a body like AFME

    AFME's Chief Executive, Simon Lewis, explains the associations role in acting as a voice for the wholesale capital markets industry.

  • Bridging the Growth Gap

    Clare Francis, Lloyds Banking Groups Head of Global Corporate Banking discusses AFME's investor-led report Bridging the Growth Gap.ghjghj

  • AFME 6 years on

    AFME’s Chief Executive, Simon Lewis, reflects on the association’s work since our foundation six years ago, the changes in the banking sector post-crisis and the challenges ahead.

  • AFME - The Voice of Europe's Capital Markets

    Members of the AFME team, major financial institutions and policymakers explain how AFME serves as the voice of Europe's wholesale capital markets.

  • Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)

    Rick Watson, Head of Capital Markets, discusses AFME’s pan-European SME guide – Raising finance for Europe’s small and medium-sized businesses.

  • 3 minutes on market liquidity

    Michael Lever, AFME's Head of Prudential Regulation, discusses GFMA and IIF's comprehensive new report from PwC on the state global market liquidity.

  • The definitive guide to the Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR)

    James Kemp, Head of GFMA’s Global FX division and chair of FEMR's expert group for currencies, presents the definitive guide to the Fair and Effective Markets Review (FEMR).

  • AFME-ICMA Guide to infrastructure financing

    Rick Watson, AFME's Head of Capital Markets, discusses the AFME-ICMA Guide to infrastructure financing.

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