AFME Members' Briefings

AFME holds member briefings, open to all staff in member firms.

These calls are led by our policy experts and are intended to provide analysis and insight in to issues currently affecting the European capital markets. Details of forthcoming briefings are included in our monthly members' newsletter.

  • Jan 2019 59:15

    Ensuring operational readiness for a no-deal Brexit

    With the UK due to leave the EU on 29th March, and political uncertainty looking likely to continue, this timely discussion examined the key operational challenges firms face in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

  • Dec 2018 59:30

    Brexit: Where are we now and what next?

    With the UK Parliament's 'Meaningful Vote' on the Withdrawal Agreement having been postponed, this timely Briefing provided expert analysis on 'what next?' for the Brexit process.

  • Nov 2018 57:29

    Anti Money Laundering - Is a new regulatory framework needed?

    In this timely Briefing, Adam Willman, Director, Financial Crime and Tax Policy at AFME, gave an overview of recent developments before handing over to AFME’s Head of Compliance, Will Dennis, and industry experts, they debated the challenges of how to effectively tackle money laundering while not unduly increasing the regulatory burden on firms.

    Members were joined in the Briefing by John Clarke, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Standard Advisory London, Susannah Cogman, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills, Will Dennis, Head of Compliance, AFME, Rajiv Kapur, Executive Director - Risk & Policy Group, Financial Crime Compliance, Goldman Sachs, Adam Willman, Director, Financial Crime and Tax Policy, AFME

  • Jul 2018 01:01

    The EU (Withdrawal) Act: Implications for industry

    The EU (Withdrawal) Act, which transposes the body of EU-derived law into UK legislation, received royal assent on 27 June. Over the coming weeks, the UK Government is expected to start publishing a large volume of secondary legislation to make amendments to adapt the acquis in areas where it would be unworkable to directly transfer EU legislation into UK law. Given the large volume of financial services regulation derived from EU law and the inherent policy choices involved in adapting it to a UK framework outside the EU, the secondary legislation is likely to have significant implications for firms.

    Members were joined in the briefing by Chris Bates, Partner, Clifford Chance LLP, Simon Lewis, Chief Executive, AFME, Oliver Moullin, Managing Director, Brexit and General Counsel, AFME and Arved Kolle, Manager, Brexit, AFME.

  • Jun 2018 01:02

    Phasing out IBORs: What does the transition to new risk-free rates mean for industry?

    With IBORs due to be phased out over coming years and work continuing to identify the new benchmark rates which will replace them, this Briefing will discuss the implications for industry. AFME experts and external speakers will discuss the key issues that the transition poses and what action will need to be taken to ensure it goes smoothly. 

    Members were joined in the Briefing by Iain Budge, Vice President, UK & Ireland FI Solutions, NatWest Markets, Marcus Mackenzie, Partner Global Transactions, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, Jessica Wrigley, Knowledge Lawyer, Global Transactions, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, Richard Hopkin, Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income, AFME, Anna Bak, Associate Director, Securitisation, AFME, Alex Hunt, Quantitative Analyst, AFME and Stevi Iosif, Associate Director, Advocacy, AFME

  • Apr 2018 47:21

    Impact of Regulation on Banks' Capital Markets Activities

    AFME recently published a new report, ‘Impact of Regulation on Banks’ Capital Markets Activities: An ex-post assessment’. While there have been many forward-looking studies examining how banks may respond to regulatory reforms, this study is the first that examines the actual impact of regulations 10 years on from the global financial crisis.

    This member briefing examined key findings from the study. Members were joined in the Briefing by Nick Forrest, Director, Financial Economics, PwC, Michael Lever, Managing Director, Head of Prudential Regulations, AFME, Rick Watson, Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets, AFME and Pablo Portugal, Director, Advocacy, AFME

  • Mar 2018 49:08

    Capital Markets Union: Taking the next steps

    The European Commission recently announced ambitious Sustainable Finance and FinTech Action Plans, the latest part of its Capital Markets Union initiative. This Members' Briefing examined the announcements in closer detail, highlighting the most significant aspects and exploring what they mean for the industry.

    Members were joined in the briefing by Edmund Lakin, Manager, Global Markets Policy at HSBC, and Adriana Ennab, Director, Public Policy, from Credit Suisse, as well as AFME experts Pablo Portugal, Director, Advocacy, Cedric Pacheco, Manager, Capital Markets and David Ostojitsch, Director, Technology and Operations.

  • Feb 2018 58:09

    GDPR compliance in financial services

    With GDPR’s implementation date of 25 May fast approaching, we gave an overview of key compliance areas that firms will need to focus on, including record-keeping, outsourcing management, international data transfers and data subject rights.

    Members were joined on the call by Richard Jones, Director of Data Privacy, Clifford Chance, Richard Middleton, Co-Head of AFME’s Policy division and Nathan Coffey, EMEA Head of Data Privacy and Technology Compliance, JPMorgan, who shared their expert insight on key GDPR issues.

  • Jan 2018 49:05

    Simple, Transparent and Standardised securitisation – full steam ahead?

    Following the publication of the new securitisation regulation in the EU Official Journal, at the end 2017, we examined the key components of the new STS regime and looked at the work ahead to develop an effective and sustainable market in Europe.

    AFME securitisation experts led the call and were joined by a panel of investors - Harry Noutsos, ING, Janet Oram, Blackrock and Rob Ford, 24 Asset Management - who offered their perspective on implementation challenges. 

  • Dec 2017 46:47

    MiFID II: less than a month to go

    With just a few weeks to go until the MiFID II go-live date we discussed some of the key considerations for those preparing for its implementation.

    We were joined for the Briefing by Elisa Menardo, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Credit Suisse and Chair of AFME’s MiFID steering committee. Elisa gave an overview of some of the key issues industry has been working through as well as looking ahead to 2018, and what MiFID challenges remained for the year ahead.   

  • Oct 2017 57:42

    Brexit: Latest developments and what next?

    Following the conclusions of October’s European summit, the briefing call examined what was next for the Brexit process.

    We were joined by Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow at Brussels-based economics thinktank, Bruegel. Nicolas gave an overview of some of the key differences between the EU and UK negotiating positions such as on aims and objectives and the impact of domestic politics. As well as answering questions about the development of a future trading relationship between the UK and the EU.

  • Sep 2017 40:33

    Cyber: an increasing risk globally and in the EU

    September’s Member Briefing call discussed the topic of Cyber Security and the role of AFME’s Technology and Operations Division in responding to what is a key priority for the financial services industry.

    On the call, David Ostojitsch and Emmanuel Le Marois from AFME’s Tech & Ops Division, together with Dave Evans, Director in Cyber Security at UBS, discuss the developing EU policy framework and the challenge of solving Cyber risk globally. 

  • Jul 2017 1:03:52

    Bridging to Brexit – Insights from European SMEs, corporates and investors

    July’s Member Briefing Call discussed AFME’s latest report entitled, ‘Bridging to Brexit: Insights from European SMEs, Corporates and Investors,’ commissioned from the Boston Consulting Group and written with Clifford Chance. We discussed the paper’s methodology, findings and its implications for policy throughout the Brexit negotiations process. 

  • Jun 2017 51:32

    CMU mid-term review & latest securitisation update

    June’s Member Briefing Call discusses the conclusions from the European Commission’s mid-term review of the Capital Markets Union project which was announced in early June 2017.

    As part of the conversation on Capital Markets Union, we also discuss one of the important pillars of this project – the new securitisation regulation which was agreed in the European Parliament at the end of May 2017.

  • May 2017 53.49

    A roadmap for integrated, safe and efficient post-trade services in Europe

    AFME’s May Member Briefing Call examines the latest findings from the European Post Trade Forum (EPTF) report. 

  • Apr 2017 56:42

    Key issues under the CRD5/ CRR2 Proposals

    April’s Members’ Briefing Call examines the European Commission’s latest proposals to update the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulation (CRD5/CRR2).

  • Mar 2017 45m

    CMU – where are we now? Addressing Europe’s shortage of risk capital

    AFME’s March Member Briefing Call examines where we are with Capital Markets Union and explores the issue of Europe’s shortage of risk capital. Speakers include Robert van Geffen, Director, Policy, and Cedric Pacheco, Manager, Capital Markets at AFME with a guest presentation from Allen Simpson, Head of Public Policy, Barclays Corporate Banking and Chair of the AFME SME Working Group.

  • Feb 2017 45m

    Operational impacts of Brexit on wholesale banking and capital markets in Europe

    In February's briefing call Rob Morgan, Managing Director for Technology and Operations, AFME and Nick Forrest, Director, PwC discuss the findings from our latest report commissioned from PwC outlining the operational impacts of Brexit on wholesale banking and capital markets in Europe.

  • Jan 2017 45m

    AFME Members' Briefing call 2017 outlook with one year to go to MiFID II – Where are we now?

    MiFID is arguably the largest and most impactful piece of legislation for the financial services industry in history and we are now under one year away from the implementation date. AFME's January Member Brieing call addresses some of the highly significant and challenging practical implications of the new rules for our industry and across Europe. Speakers include Julian Allen-Ellis, Director for MiFID and Pedro Pinto, Director for Advocacy at AFME.

  • Nov 2016 42m

    The benefits of capital markets to high-potential EU economies

    'The benefits of capital markets to high potential EU economies' is a new report, written by AFME in collaboration with New Financial, and published in November 2016, which focuses on 11 high-potential economies (the EU11) in Central and Eastern Europe that could harness the capital markets to accelerate GDP and productivity growth throughout the region. The research measures the size, depth and growth potential of capital markets in the EU11 countries, examines their financial systems and reform programmes; and considers the outlook for long-term growth.

  • Oct 2016 51m

    STS Securitisation: will the new framework deliver for Europe?

    The October 2016 AFME member briefing call examined the framework of STS (Simple, Transparent and Standardised) Securitisation and its effectiveness in Europe. The call featured AFME's Richard Hopkin, Anna Bak and Alex Hunt.

  • Sep 2016 60m

    European regulatory pipeline

    The September 2016 AFME member briefing call focused on political dynamics in the EU and the resulting AFME advocacy approach. The call featured Simon Lewis, AFME's Chief Executive, and Tanguy van de Werve, Managing Director, Advocacy.
  • Jul 2016 45m

    The Future for Europe’s Capital Markets Post-Referendum

    The July Members Briefing Call outlines the future for Europe's Capital Markets post-referendum. Speakers include Simon Lewis, Chief Executive, AFME and Chris Bates, partner, Clifford Chance LLP.

  • Jun 2016 45m

    Securitisation: what are the solutions?

    A successful securitisation framework is essential to the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union project. AFME experts weigh up the draft reports for securitisation by EP rapporteurs Paul Tang MEP (STS proposals) and Pablo Zalba MEP (CRR proposals).

  • May 2016 45m

    MiFID: From legislation to implementation

    Recorded in the run-up to the UK’s EU referendum, AFME experts discuss the implications of brexit for Europe’s capital markets and the options for UK-based finance institutions seeking to passport their services into the EU.

  • Apr 2016 45m

    Where next for post-trade?

    AFME post-trade team examine the the first wave of migrations to T2S, and what can be learnt for subsequent waves.

  • Mar 2016 45m

    What would 'Brexit' mean for Europe's Capital Markets

    In our latest briefing call we look at how far ethics has come in banking and the work of the new FICC Market Standards Board (FMSB).

  • Feb 2016 45m

    Potential economic gains from reforming insolvency law in Europe

    What are the potential economic gains from reforming insolvency law in Europe? Find out in this Members’ Briefing Call.

  • Jan 2016 45m

    Culture and ethics in banking

    The Senior Managers Regime and its implications for culture and ethics in the financial sector come under the spotlight in this AFME Members’ Briefing.

  • Nov 2015 45m

    Why equity markets matter?

    AFME’s equity team discuss the barriers preventing equity markets from being tapped to fund growth in Europe.

  • Oct 2015 45m

    STS Framework - a securitisation plan for Europe?

    AFME’s securitisation experts examine the European Commission’s proposals for Simple, Transparent and Standardised (STS) securitisation.

  • Sep 2015 45m

    Introduction to the AFME Pan-European SME Finance Guide

    AFME’s Growth team introduce the association’s pan-European SME finance guide.

  • Aug 2015 45m

    Guide to infrastructure financing

    Learn how the AFME-ICMA Guide to Infrastructure Financing helps infrastructure issuers more easily access funding sources - including bank, private placement and public project bond financing.

  • Jun 2015 45m

    Fair and Effective Markets Review

    What are the implications of the Fair and Effective Market Review? Find out in our Members’ Briefing.

  • May 2015 45m

    UK election: outcome and policy implications

    Industry experts discuss the impact bank structural reform measures have had on firms, markets and the wider economy.

  • Mar 2015 45m

    Bridging the growth gap

    In this briefing the differences between EU and US financing for SMEs, infrastructure and private placement are analysed.

  • Feb 2015 45m

    Total Loss Absorbing Capacity & G-SIFIs

    Industry experts discuss the impact bank structural reform measures have had on firms, markets and the wider economy.

  • Jan 2015 45m

    Bank Structural Reform

    Industry experts discuss the impact bank structural reform measures have had on firms, markets and the wider economy.

  • Jan 0001 45m

  • Jan 0001 45m

    Bank Structural Reform

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