Key issues

Key issues

AFME works with its members to represent the industry's position on the key issues facing Europe's financial markets.

Banking union

The Banking Union project was launched in 2012, with legislative proposals for the creation of a Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). The following year the Commission tabled proposals for the creation of a Single Resolution Mechanism which would complement centralised SSM supervision.


AFME has an ongoing programme of work dedicated to highlighting the impact of Brexit for pan-European capital markets.

Through our work, we seek to inform regulators and policymakers about the potential impact of Brexit on our members and their clients, with a particular focus on the importance of maintaining market efficiency and financial stability.

Capital markets union

Capital markets union (CMU) is a flagship initiative of the European Commission.

Financial Transaction Tax

AFME is opposed to the FTT because of its negative impact on end users and the wider economy.

Funding for growth

AFME is providing practical support for the European Commission's growth agenda.

Insolvency reform

AFME is working with its members to make a positive contribution to the European insolvency reform debate.


AFME is working with its members following the MiFID II/MiFIR January 2018 launch. 


AFME engages in debates concerning the levels of non-performing loans (NPLs) in Europe. We have made a number of policy submissions on prudential topics, insolvency reform, and on measures to develop deeper European secondary markets for NPLs and distressed debt.


AFME advocates securitisation as a vital funding tool in Europe and a channel for borrowers to access the capital markets.

Shadow Banking

AFME’s actively engages with regulators on shadow banking issues.