Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services Conference, Europe 2019

1 April 2019
CityPoint, London

Develop an AI Roadmap to Effectively Prototype, Test and Implement Value Adding Applications at Scale in Financial Services Operations

Agenda highlights include: 

  • DEFINING AI: Analyse the myths versus the realities of today’s AI toolkit, their potential impact on operating models and a futurist view of what’s to come
  • THE AI LIFECYCLE: Assess the business case for your AI application to demonstrate value, the fit with your wider digital strategy and a roadmap from prototype to scale DATA STRATEGY: Discuss the critical role of data in delivering effective outcomes, the challenges associated with data aggregation and the need for industry standards
  • ETHICS & GOVERNANCE: Understand the importance of creating controls and frameworks for AI applications to reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • OPERATING MODELS: Investigate challenges that AI can present to existing operating models including business culture, explainability of outcomes and human capital requirements
  • TECHNOLOGY STACK: Evaluate the associated technologies that are enablers of powerful AI applications including cloud platforms, centralized data lakes and data visualization tools

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