Artificial Intelligence for Financial Services Conference, Europe 2019

1 April 2019
Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH

Develop an AI Roadmap to Effectively Prototype, Test and Implement Value Adding Applications at Scale in Financial Services Operations

Agenda highlights include: 

  • DEFINING AI: Analyse the myths versus the realities of today’s AI toolkit, their potential impact on operating models and a futurist view of what’s to come
  • THE AI LIFECYCLE: Assess the business case for your AI application to demonstrate value, the fit with your wider digital strategy and a roadmap from prototype to scale DATA STRATEGY: Discuss the critical role of data in delivering effective outcomes, the challenges associated with data aggregation and the need for industry standards
  • ETHICS & GOVERNANCE: Understand the importance of creating controls and frameworks for AI applications to reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • OPERATING MODELS: Investigate challenges that AI can present to existing operating models including business culture, explainability of outcomes and human capital requirements
  • TECHNOLOGY STACK: Evaluate the associated technologies that are enablers of powerful AI applications including cloud platforms, centralized data lakes and data visualization tools

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