Key issues under CRD5/CRR2

AFME members were invited to join a Members’ Briefing Call on Thursday 27 April at 11.00 (GMT), 12:00 (CET) to discuss the European Commission’s latest proposals to update the Capital Requirements Directive and Regulation (CRD5/CRR2).

These proposals form part of the Commission’s Risk Reduction Measures package and cover the European implementation of several international standards from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision as well as the introduction of EU-specific measures. The package is therefore another significant piece of the global financial reform programme and builds on the achievements of CRD4/CRR, which has already reduced the likelihood that banks will fail by significantly increasing the quantity and quality of capital they hold, and by making them less leveraged and more liquid.

On the call, Michael Lever, Head of Prudential Regulation, and Jacqueline Mills, Director, Prudential Regulation, at AFME, gave a brief overview of the proposals, highlighting some of the associated challenges and implications for industry.