Press coverage:

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  • Reuters - French watchdog calms UK asset manager fears over Brexit
  • Reuters - French watchdog says EU market rules need overhaul after Brexit
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  • Politico - Commission official: EU's foreign benchmarks are failing
  • Reuters - EU says won't give euro benchmark stay of execution
  • Law360 - Compliance Teams Must Ramp Up Tech Skills, Study Finds
  • Markets Media - New Technology To Reshape Surveillance
  • Law360 - Money Markets, FX Codes Could Get Boost From FCA


'An extremely interesting and useful two days, full not only of food for thought and important policy statements but also networking opportunities. ... practically everyone one would want to meet was there.' – 2018 attendee & speaker

'Just to say I thought it was a truly excellent conference and you had a panoply of terrific speakers and topics. My only regret was not being able to be at all the breakout sessions!' – 2018 attendee

'I was able to know and understand the current situation regarding European regulatory issues effectively. This conference was fantastic.' - 2018 attendee

'Well organised and very informative conference' - 2018 Delegate from the European Central Bank

'It was so very good to discuss issues we are faced with, day-by-day, with such high-level speakers. I got also very positive feedback from my staff, who had the chance to attend all the stream sessions and I will certainly recommend next events to other colleagues.' – 2018 speaker from national regulator

'A most inspiring event, a wonderful panel and audience!' – 2018 attendee & speaker

'A great mix of topics and speakers. ... the number of senior European regulators and IOSCO for a global perspective was a highlight ... hearing from the FCA on the UK view rounded that out nicely. Networking opportunities were great too - a lovely opportunity to catch up with old colleagues and meet new contacts in the industry as well.' – 2018 attendee

'I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and found it extremely useful, both in terms of hearing from policymakers from the podium and talking to them bilaterally.' – 2018 attendee

'Everybody I have spoken to since mentioned how interesting the conference was' – 2018 attendee

'Thank you for running such a slick and impressive event.' – 2018 conference sponsor & speaker

'I wanted to congratulate you and your team on a great conference. We had some great feedback from the colleagues who took part as well as readers who were there. It was great to be associated with such a well-staged event.' – 2018 media partner