2nd Annual European Compliance and Legal Conference | afme

2nd AnnualEuropean Compliance and Legal Conference

01 - 02 Oct 2018 etc venues St Paul's, London


Monday 1 October


Workshop registration and refreshments


Specialist workshop: UK IPO reform

  • how have the new rules impacted the timing, sequencing and quality of information being provided to market participants in the UK IPO process?
  • how are connected research analysts obtaining access to the IPO process?
  • overview of the rules governing connected research analyst interactions with issuers, financial sponsors, other shareholders and corporate finance advisers

Moderator: Andrew Brooke, Director, ECM and Corporate Finance, AFME

Mark Austin, Partner, Capital Markets, Freshfields
Mark Bicknell, EMEA Equity Capital Markets Counsel, Managing Director and Associate General Counsel, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Mhairi Jackson, Manager, Wholesale Conduct Policy Division, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Anna Meek, Executive Director and Senior Counsel, Goldman Sachs


Specialist workshop: Corporate criminal offence of failing to prevent tax evasion

  • background to the offence
  • building and running a compliant programme and procedures
  • investigating and reporting of breaches
  • defending prosecutions

Moderator: Rajiv Kapur, EMEA Head of Risk and Policy Group, Financial Crime Compliance, Goldman Sachs

John Clarke, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Standard Advisory London
Daniel Hudson, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills
Jonathan Stone, EMEA, Head of Financial Crime, Nomura
Richard Vause, Senior Policy Advisor, Centre for Offshore Evasion Strategy, HMRC


Conference registration and refreshments


Conference opening remarks and introduction of keynote speakers

James Kemp, Managing Director, Global FX, Technology and Operations and Policy Divisions, GFMA and AFME
Bharat Samani, Managing Director, Head of Compliance UK and Europe, BBVA, Co-chair, Compliance Committee, AFME


Keynote address MiFID II implementation and experiences from a supervisory authority perspective

Elisabeth Roegele, Deputy President, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)


Keynote address: Experiences of implementing MiFID and how this may influence Brexit

Robert Ophèle, Chairman, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)


Keynote Q&A

Robert Ophèle, Chairman, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)
Elisabeth Roegele, Deputy President, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)


Plenary panel discussion
Brexit - outlook for financial services roundtable
Six months to go, how clear are the terms of a Brexit agreement, what is the future for European capital markets?

  • what are the key outstanding issues for financial services?
  • what framework would best support growth across Europe?
  • what does the future regulatory outlook for cross-border financial services look like?
  • what are the practical implications and considerations which banks should be considering at this stage?
  • what needs to be done during transition?

Moderator: Simon Lewis OBE, Chief Executive Officer, AFME

Chris Bates, Partner, Clifford Chance
Elisa Menardo, Director, Public Policy Europe and UK, Credit Suisse
Martin Parkes, Managing Director, Global Public Policy Group, BlackRock
Barnabas Reynolds, Head of Financial Institutions Advisory and Financial Regulatory, Shearman & Sterling


Networking lunch 

Press briefing – Held in press room


Legal stream

Stream opening remarks:  Oliver Moullin, Managing Director and General Counsel, AFME


Legal challenges ahead of March 2019 and beyond 

  • preparations for March 2019
  • contractual continuity and repapering
  • access to financial markets infrastructure
  • regulatory uncertainty – impact on MiFID

Moderator: Kate Sumpter, Partner, Allen & Overy

Thomas Donegan, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Matt Holmes, Managing Director, Head of Regulatory Policy, Deutsche  Bank
Laura Muir, Managing Director, Head of Legal for Strategy and Bank Structure, Barclays


RegTech and surveillance stream

Stream opening remarks: Louise Rodger, Director, Compliance, AFME 


New technologies shaping surveillance

Stream opening remarks: Louise Rodger, Director, Compliance, AFME

  • how can predictive analytics and machine learning help manage and utilise vast data volumes?
  • how will e-discovery technologies and data analytics affect surveillance and investigations, both internal and external?
  • challenges of terminology - are tech, trading and compliance speaking the same language?
  • cost implications of effective surveillance and data management
  • ensuring adequate vendor oversight, understanding the risks and consequences of a breach
  • opportunities in pooling company data to identify patterns and predict future behaviours and trends
  • automated rule books

Moderator: Alex Viall, Head of Regulatory Intelligence, Behavox

Paul Clulow-Phillips, Managing Director, Global Head of Surveillance, Société Générale
Stephen Strombelline, Managing Director, Capital Forensics
Jeroen van der Klaauw, Senior Compliance Officer, TD Securities


Regulatory stream

Stream opening remarks: Julian Allen-Ellis, Director, MiFID, AFME

PRIIPs regulation

  • what has been the impact of PRIIPs on corporate bond markets?
  • how have private banks managed the pre-existing stock of corporate bonds?
  • what are the considerations for corporate issuers if they prepare a KID?
  • what are the prospects for the planned review of PRIIPs?

Nicola Higgs, Partner, Latham & Watkins

Alexandria Carr, Deputy General Counsel, Head of European Regulatory Change, HSBC
Vanessa Casano, Head of Asset Management Regulation Division, AMF
Elisa Menardo, Director, Public Policy Europe and UK, Credit Suisse
Timothy Walters, Conduct Policy Expert, European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)




Legal stream
Is personal accountability compatible with employment law?

  • how to balance procedures for addressing individual misconduct within firms against the need to comply with employment law
  • impact of the UK certification regime including the regulatory references regime
  • how do you lawfully stop rolling bad apples?
  • lessons learned from a few recent employment tribunal cases

RegTech and surveillance stream
Overseeing AI and algo-trading

  • how should we define algo-trading and AI in the context of financial services?
  • examples of applications of AI in financial services
  • how do compliance officers address the challenges of overseeing computer programmes over human behaviour?
  • will GDPR impact innovation in AI?
  • how do you govern models for trading or portfolio management?
  • what can be learned from the PRA consultation on governance and risk management algo-trading?

Moderator: Sam Agini, Trading Correspondent, Financial News

Nicola Kerr-Shaw, Head of Intellectual Property, Technology and Procurement, CIB Legal, BNP Paribas
Richard Maton, Executive Board Member, The International RegTech Association (IRTA)
Mark Selvarajan, Director, Banking and Capital Markets, EY


Regulatory stream
Ibor transition

Moderator: Shankar Mukherjee, UK BCM IBOR Lead, EY

Tilman Lüder, Head of the  Securities Markets Unit, European Commission 
Carlos Molinas, Managing Director, Global Head of Business Compliance, Crédit Agricole CIB
Marek Svoboda, Banking and Financial Services Lawyer, ECB
Martina Tambucci, Regulatory Strategy, Regulatory Expert


Networking break


Keynote address: Global policy, compliance & regulatory update
Paul Andrews, Secretary General, IOSCO

Introduction and Q&A moderator: James Kemp, Managing Director, Global FX, Technology and Operations and Policy Divisions, GFMA and AFME


Keynote address: MiFID II – what has been achieved, what needs to be done in 2018/19?
Tilman Lüder, Head of the Securities Markets Unit, European Commission


Plenary panel discussion: European financial regulatory outlook
Financial regulatory outlook

  • experiences with MiFID II and MAR - what are the outstanding implementation and enforcement issues and solutions?
  • how have regulatory reforms been applied across European countries, will we see a more homogenous approach?
  • practical challenges of increased complexity of the regulatory framework and transaction reporting
  • regulatory justification - are new regulations providing meaningful information, identifying behavioural patterns and detecting market abuse
  • supervisory structure - what do the ESA review and Brexit mean for existing and future financial markets regulation

Moderator: Peter Bevan, Partner, Linklaters

Rodrigo Buenaventura, Director General for Markets, Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV)
Philippe Guillot, Executive Director, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)
Tilman Lüder, Head of the Securities Markets Unit, European Commission
Martina Tambucci, Regulatory Strategy, Regulatory Expert
Sophie Vuarlot-Dignac, Head of Department Legal, Convergence and Enforcement, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)


Conference day one closing remarks
James Kemp, Managing Director, Global FX, Technology and Operations and Policy Divisions, GFMA and AFME


Networking drinks




Close of day one

Tuesday 2 October


Registration and refreshments


Conference day two opening remarks and introduction of keynote speaker

Michael Cole-Fontayn, Independent Chairman, AFME


Morning keynote address: Rocking the rock - The cycle of deregulation, crisis and regulation

Charles Randell, Chairman, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 

Q&A moderator: Michael Cole-Fontayn, Independent Chairman, AFME


Presentation: AFME Report – The Future of the Compliance Function
Stuart Crotaz, Partner, EY


Morning plenary panel discussion
Evolution of the Compliance and Legal functions
In times of increasing regulatory complexity, cultural scrutiny, surveillance and Brexit, what are the top priorities on the wholesale banking compliance risk radar and what are the expectations of a modern compliance framework for 2018 and beyond?

  • how is the financial services industry changing and what does this mean for banks’ compliance and legal functions?
  • overview and analysis of regulators guidance on the compliance function in wholesale banks
  • which challenges will most impact the role, structure and strategy of compliance divisions for the next 5-10 years?
  • what are the skill sets required to populate the legal and compliance teams of the future?
  • at what point do we stop rewiring and start rebuilding – do we need a new blueprint for compliance?
  • the role of technology in compliance and legal teams - will robots replace staff?

Moderator: Karen Anderson, Partner, Financial Services Regulatory, Herbert Smith Freehills

Stuart Crotaz, Partner, EY
Molly Deere, Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, Stephens and Co-Chair, Future Leaders Committee, SIFMA C&L Society
Katsuko Ishizeki-Chaudhari, Director, Global Markets Business Compliance and Regulatory Development, Natixis
Jacqueline Joyston-Bechal, Head of Compliance EMEA, Bank of New York Mellon


Networking break


EC legal proposal stream

Stream opening remarks: Richard Middleton, Managing Director, Co-Head of Policy Division, AFME


Impact of the European Commission proposal for Whistleblower protection

  • what is the relationship between whistleblowing and culture?
  • what are the drivers and key features of the Commission’s proposal for a directive on whistleblower protection?
  • how can you conduct a rigorous investigation and ensure confidentiality?
  • should whistleblowers be paid?

Moderator: Fiona Willis, Manager, Global FX and Compliance, AFME and GFMA

Annegret Falter, Chairman, Whistleblower-Netzwerk
Andrew Grant, Independent Risk Management and Compliance Consultant, currently on assignment at HSBC
Elleonora Soares, Policy Coordinator Financial Markets and Services, European Commission


Conduct and codes stream

Stream opening remarks: Louise Rodger, Director, Compliance, AFME


Conduct, certification and culture

  • what have banks done to increase engagement and accountability
  • are we moving from a compliance culture to an ethical culture?
  • can culture be measured, and does it need to be to be managed?
  • what does the extension of SMCR mean for wholesale banks, asset managers and smaller financial services firms?
  • use of remuneration or compensation tools to address misconduct risk - how to use carrot and stick to address misconduct
  • what is a reasonable role for regulators in governance and incentives of cultural reform?

Moderator: Jenny Stainsby, Partner, Global Head of Contentious Financial Services Regulatory, Herbert Smith Freehills

Emma Badman, Head of Compliance UK, Middle East and Ireland, ING
Olinka Kelcikova, Compliance Manager, Arbuthnot Latham
Michael Phillips, Head of Compliance, London, Société Générale
Dr Moritz Römer, Supervisory Expert Behaviour and Culture, De Nederlandsche Bank


Financial crime and data stream

Stream opening remarks: Will Dennis, Managing Director, Head of Compliance, AFME


AML, KYC and data security

  • money laundering through markets - the main current concerns for the securities industry
  • current issues for the wholesale markets in the 4th and 5th Anti Money Laundering Directives
  • key issues to be addressed by the JMLSG Guidance in 2019
  • the upcoming FATF Risk Based Approach Guidance for the Securities Sector
  • possible changes in the EU approach to AML to give the EBA greater responsibility
  • how Brexit will impact AML work

Moderator: Conrad Critchley, Financial Crime Compliance Investigations Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Chair, JMLIT Money Laundering Through Markets Expert Group

Michelle Guiney, AML Senior Policy Specialist, Central Bank of Ireland
Neil Munro, Head of Financial Crime Unit and MLRO, Société Générale
Louise Stanway, Partner, Compliance Officer & MLRO, Ruffer and Chair, Joint Money Laundering Working Group
Marco Zwick, Director, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)


Networking lunch


EC legal proposal stream

Competition law: A survival guide in light of recent enforcement

  • how should a robust global competition compliance programme be established?
  • what do banks need to do to detect and prevent anti-trust?
  • who is responsible for competition compliance?
  • who is liable for passive receipt of information?
  • recent case studies, methods and results of detection and case law examples
  • AFME guidance on compliant industry meetings

Moderator: Nicole Kar, Head of UK Competition, Linklaters 

Ilaria Filippi, Director, Legal Counsel, EMEA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mark Goulden, Managing Director, Global Markets Compliance, Deutsche Bank
Jeremy Stockwell, CCOR Director, Markets (Global Corporates, Financial Institutions, CB Markets) & GCT, Lloyds Banking Group


Conduct and codes stream

Recognition and enforcement of industry codes & standards

  • should there be a process whereby an industry code can be recognised and enforced by a regulator and what would recognition mean?
  • how should codes be enforced, and could regulatory oversight discourage the creation of future codes?
  • do market codes contribute to or help manage increased complexity and compliance burden?
  • has the FMSB enhanced standards of behaviour in FICC markets?
  • has the Global FX code contributed to ensuring the market is operating fairly and effectively?
  • do market codes create conflict of laws and extraterritoriality issues?

Moderator: Dorian Drew, Partner, Clifford Chance

Ollythia Bernard-Stewart, Executive Director, IB Compliance and Operational Risk Control, UBS Investment Bank
Gerry Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, FICC Markets Standards Board (FMSB)
Edwin Schooling Latter, Head of Department, Markets Policy, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Antony Whitehouse, UK Head of Compliance, Natixis


Financial crime stream

Implementation and Brexit considerations of GDPR

Miriam Everett, UK Head of Data Protection & Privacy, Herbert Smith Freehills

Vivienne Artz, President, Women in Banking and Finance
Linda Briceno, Senior Data Privacy Manager, Lloyds Banking Group
Nathan Coffey, EMEA Head of Data Privacy and Technology Compliance, J.P. Morgan


Networking break


Afternoon keynote address: The importance of diversity for an innovative corporate culture
Merel van Vroonhoven, Chair, Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) 

Introduction and Q&A moderator: Will Dennis, Managing Director, Head of Compliance, AFME


Closing plenary panel discussion
Building a culture of inclusion to reflect a balanced and diverse workplace

  • will the Women in Finance Charter help address transparency and accountability for equality programmes?
  • what are the new initiatives in equality and diversity which firms should identifying and proposing?
  • how should financial services companies implement change and restructure?
  • considerations for HR practices, compensation and bonus culture

Vivienne Artz, President, Women in Banking and Finance

Linda Bellos OBE, UK Equality Law Specialist, Independent Consultant
Stacey Mullin, COO, EMEA, BlackRock
Anne-Maria Rothenstein, SVP, CF10, EMEA Head of Capital Markets & Treasury Compliance, Northern Trust
Tracy Watkinson, Strategic Change Program Director and COO for UK ServiceCo Entity, Credit Suisse


Conference closing remarks
Will Dennis, Managing Director, Head of Compliance, AFME


Conference close