8th Annual Spanish Funding Conference | afme

8th Annual Spanish Funding Conference

02 Feb 2017 Gran Melia Fenix Hotel, Madrid


Thank you to our partners. 


  • DBRS



    DBRS is an independent, privately held, globally recognized credit ratings agency with offices in Toronto, New York, London, Chicago and Mexico City. We strive to differentiate ourselves from competitors through a more pragmatic rather than mechanistic approach, in-depth research and unequalled mandate execution.

    Founded in 1976, we are a rapidly growing, international ratings agency with deep roots in Canada. Our four decades of experience and strong track record provide the foundation for us to seek out new opportunities and to make targeted investments that align with our core ratings operations. We don't seek to have scale in all markets, but when we choose to enter a new market segment, we strive to become a leading player known for trusted ratings, opinions and products.

    Our approach and our size as the world's fourth-largest ratings agency allow us to be nimble enough to respond to customers' needs in their local markets, but large enough to provide the necessary expertise and resources they require. We build meaningful relations, which contribute to a convincing value proposition for both issuers and investors to choose us, a globally accepted alternative to other ratings agencies.

    At DBRS, we rate more than 2,400 issuer families and nearly 50,000 securities worldwide. 

  • Fitch Ratings

    Fitch Ratings


    Fitch Ratings is a leading provider of credit ratings, commentary and research. Dedicated to providing value beyond the rating through independent and prospective credit opinions, Fitch Ratings offers global perspectives shaped by strong local market experience and credit market expertise. The additional context, perspective and insights we provide help investors to make important credit judgments with confidence.

    Fitch Group is a global leader in financial information services with operations in more than 30 countries. Fitch Group is comprised of: Fitch Ratings, a global leader in credit ratings and research; Fitch Solutions, a leading provider of credit market data, analytical tools and risk services; BMI Research, an independent provider of country risk and industry analysis specializing in emerging and frontier markets; and Fitch Learning, a preeminent training and professional development firm. With dual headquarters in London and New York, Fitch Group is majority owned by Hearst.

    For additional information, please visit fitchratings.com.

  • Moody's



    Moody's Investors Service is a leading provider of credit ratings, research, and risk analysis. Moody's commitment and expertise contributes to transparent and integrated financial markets, and the firm's ratings and analysis track debt covering approximately 120 sovereign nations, 11,000 corporate issuers, 21,000 public finance issuers, and 72,000 structured finance obligations. 

Media partner

  • The DESK

    The DESK

    The DESK provides buy-side traders with precise detail on the macro-drivers, events and plans that are shaping liquidity and price discovery in fixed income markets. Published quarterly, The DESK delivers facts from the frontline of trading, opinion on the potential of new initiatives and support for fixed income desks across investment firms. Talking about bonds starts at The DESK.

Event endorser

  • Asociación Hipotecaria Española

    Asociación Hipotecaria Española

    Launched in 1983, the Spanish Mortgage Association (AsociaciĆ³n Hipotecaria EspaƱola, AHE) is an organization made up of banks, cooperatives and credit financial institutions which have a major presence on the Spanish mortgage market. The members of the Association hold approximately 75% of the mortgage loan market.

    The AHE also brings together institutions and organizations other than credit institutions that are directly linked to the mortgage activity.

    As a specialized professional association, the AHE represents the interests of its members in all aspects related to the mortgage activity. Therefore, it maintains a close contact with the different ministries which are responsible for drawing up regulations that affect this market (mainly Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Development, etc.) and with the Bank of Spain and CNMV.

    The AHE also takes a great interest in all matters related to transparency and the protection of consumers. Aiming at providing a better understanding of our market it is also a source of statistical information on interest rates and reference indexes, on credit operations and on mortgage securities.
    The AHE's international activity is basically focused on its participation in the European Mortgage Federation (EMF) and in the European Covered Bond Council (ECBC).