Public policy and advocacy

Public policy and advocacy

The Public policy and advocacy division concentrates its advocacy efforts on regulatory and legislative reform proposals that impact our member firms.

Recent positions and documents

  • Cross-industry and standards development organisations open letter on the EU Cybersecurity certification framework proposal, 25 June 2018
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  • AFME position Paper - IFR Third Country Equivalence  MiFIR tick size regime amendments June 2018
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  • AFME comments on European Parliament Report (2017/2253(INI)) - Relationships between the EU and third countries concerning financial services regulation and supervision
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  • Joint action on Article 29 Working Party 
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The division examines intelligence on the political and regulatory landscape and facilitates an open dialogue between the financial industry and regulatory bodies across Europe. The division ensures that key messages and the industry’s view on proposed legislations are appropriately delivered to regulators and officials.

European Public Policy Committee (EPPC)

EPPC's objective

The committee provides insights, advocacy engagements and targeted outreach to European officials, including officials from the European Commission, European Parliament, Ministries of Finance in Member States, the European Supervisory Authorities and the Single Supervisory Mechanism, across the full range of issues relevant to our member firms.

Key priorities

  • Ensure a level playing field across Europe.
  • Promote a thriving and liquid marketplace that enables wide participation and brings real benefit to the European economy.
  • Advise regulatory officials on how to continue strengthening the markets while at the same time reducing systemic risk
  • Assess public mood and changing the perception of the industry
  • Address regulatory differences and disputes between European countries
  • Welcome a closer dialogue between regulatory bodies, policy makers and market participants in order to work towards common objectives

Current EPPC dossiers include:

  • Crisis Management and Resolution
  • STS securitisation
  • MiFID II
  • Prospectus Directive
  • NSFR and leverage ratio
  • Basel reforms
  • Insolvency reforms
  • Capital Markets Union
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment
  • Bank Structural Reform

EPPC members

  • Tom Duff Gordon, Co-Chair

    Credit Suisse Securities Europe Limited

  • Costanza Bufalini, Co-Chair

    UniCredit Bank AG

  • Daniela Marilungo


  • Ben Pott

    Bank of New York Mellon

  • Peter Gordon


  • Javier Arias


  • Dominique Graber

    BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV

  • Ilan Jacobs


  • Alexander Privitera

    Commerzbank AG

  • Noémie Francheterre

    Crédit Agricole CIB

  • Morten Schjøtz-Pedersen

    Danske Bank

  • Matt Holmes

    Deutsche Bank AG

  • Nina Schindler

    Deutsche Bank AG

  • Martine Doyon

    Goldman Sachs International

  • Martijn Vliegenthart

    Goldman Sachs International

  • Ed Wells


  • Johanneke Weitjens

    ING Group

  • Francesca Passamonti

    Intesa Sanpaolo SpA

  • Marc Rothemund

    J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

  • Tomohiro Ishikawa


  • Anne-Karien von Fumetti

    Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG)

  • Catherine Davidson

    Morgan Stanley & Co. International plc

  • Sophie Asselot


  • Andrew Bowley


  • Maria Stolpe


  • Leigh Renders


  • Antonio Garcia del Riego


  • Hugues Saillard

    Société Générale

  • Matt Lucas

    Standard Chartered Bank

  • Simon Jowers





Pablo Portugal

Managing Director, Advocacy

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Manager, Advocacy

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