AFME Annual Review

Annual Review 2016:

The changing shape of Europe's capital markets            

  • 2016’s annual review covers AFME’s post-referendum work, its continued support of the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union project and our policy positions in areas such as growth, MiFID2, securitisation, recovery and resolution, advocacy and compliance.  AFME Annual Review 2016

Annual Review 2015:

Towards a Capital Markets Union

  • 2015’s annual review covers AFME’s position on the UK’s EU referendum, its work in support of the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union project and policy position. AFME Annual Review 2015

Annual Review 2014:

Revitalising Europe’s Capital Markets

  • Covering a historic wave of new regulation for banking and the capital markets, 2014’s review includes a look at the creation of Europe’s Banking Union and the reshaping of AFME’s business model. AFME Annual Review 2014

Annual Review 2013:

Shaping the Growth Agenda

  • 2013’s review points to the challenges to economic growth in Europe and how it can be kick started.  AFME Annual Review 2013

Annual Review 2012:

Navigating the New World

  • After the intense post-crisis period, 2012 saw rule-making give way to the task of implementing reforms. AFME Annual Review 2012


"AFME’s view that capital markets are essential to fund growth is more relevant than ever. It is a view now gaining real traction among Europe’s regulatory and political communities"Frederic Janbon, former AFME Chairman