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AFME Annual Review

Annual Review 2020: 

The 2020 Annual Review, "Navigating the new normal", summarises AFME's accomplishments over the past year. This year has been unlike any other and has presented unprecedented adversity to both society and businesses. This annual review features a dedicated section covering the work of teams in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on capital markets.

2019 2019

  • The 2019 Annual Review details the past year’s achievements during a period of significant political change, with new leadership at the European Commission, European Council and European Central Bank.

2018 2018

 Re-wiring Europe’s Capital Markets

  • “Europe’s wholesale markets are operating in a time of unprecedented structural change, which will continue throughout the Brexit negotiation period and beyond. AFME is committed to working with its members through these challenging times and our role as the voice of Europe’s wholesale financial markets is more important than ever.” AFME Annual Review 2018

2017 2017

A bridge to the future of Europe's capital markets

  • “2017 has been a year of structural and political change, leaving the European capital markets industry with more questions than answers. At such a time of uncertainty, our role as a pan-European trade group could not be more important, not just to present the voice of the wholesale financial markets in Europe, but to provide a meaningful, fact-based contribution to help shape the future of our industry.” AFME Annual Review 2017

2016 2016

The changing shape of Europe's capital markets           

  • 2016’s annual review covers AFME’s post-referendum work, its continued support of the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union project and our policy positions in areas such as growth, MiFID2, securitisation, recovery and resolution, advocacy and compliance.  AFME Annual Review 2016

2015 2015

Towards a Capital Markets Union

  • 2015’s annual review covers AFME’s position on the UK’s EU referendum, its work in support of the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union project and policy position. AFME Annual Review 2015

2014 2014

Revitalising Europe’s Capital Markets

  • Covering a historic wave of new regulation for banking and the capital markets, 2014’s review includes a look at the creation of Europe’s Banking Union and the reshaping of AFME’s business model. AFME Annual Review 2014

2013 2013

Shaping the Growth Agenda

  • 2013’s review points to the challenges to economic growth in Europe and how it can be kick started.  AFME Annual Review 2013

2012 2012

Navigating the New World

  • After the intense post-crisis period, 2012 saw rule-making give way to the task of implementing reforms. AFME Annual Review 2012