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The Tax division represents member firms and helps them to analyse and communicate the impact of proposed legislation, and has regular and constructive dialogue with legislators and policymakers in Brussels, London and across the EU in pursuit of tax regimes that deliver fair, orderly and efficient markets across the region.

The work of the Tax division is organised in two Committees: the Tax Committee covers direct tax issues; and the VAT Committee oversees all VAT-related and indirect tax issues. The committees comprise the UK and Regional heads of tax/VAT at member firms.

The Tax division also chairs, and provides the secretariat to, the EUSD City Group, which focuses on the European Savings Tax Directive.

For the French FTT - Indemnity Protocol webpage please click here. For the Italian FTT - Indemnity Protocol webpage please click here

*The Protocol is a legal document and parties intending to adhere to the Protocol should take their own legal advice on its terms and the legal effect of adhering to the Protocol.   









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Tax division

Richard Middleton

Managing Director


+44 (0)20 7743 9363

Robert van Geffen



+44 (0)20 7743 9328

  • Tax committee

    Geoff Pennells, Citi, Chair
    Trevor Martin, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Tom Turner, Barclays
    James Mosha, BNP Paribas
    Nick Russell, Canaccord Genuity
    Miro Pertusini, Commerzbank
    Andrew Watson, Credit Suisse
    Peter Johnson, Deutsche Bank
    Graham Shaw, Goldman Sachs
    Michael Houston, HSBC
    Pankaj Shah, Investec
    Roy Tilley, Jefferies
    Helen Kennedy, J.P.Morgan
    David Frood, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities
    Scott Merry, Morgan Stanley
    Donald Gordon, NM Rothschild
    Saibh Young, Nomura International plc
    Tracy Walpole, RBS
    Stephen Cooke, Santander
    Peter Briant, Societe Generale
    Timothy Hester, Societe Generale
    Fritzie Cruz, Standard Chartered Bank
    Peter McFie, UBS
    Angela Shah, UniCredit

  • VAT committee

    David Blaney, UBS, Chair
    Michael O'Brien, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Chiu Ming Man, Barclays
    Peter Dylewski, Bank of New York Mellon
    Natalie Ainsworth, BNP Paribas
    Isabel Pitts, Citi
    Paul Connolly, Credit Suisse
    Harish Modgill, Deutsche Bank
    Neil Reeve, Goldman Sachs
    Jonathan Crabtree, HSBC
    Manjinder Dhaliwal, Investec
    Roy Tilley, Jefferies
    Simon Waller, J.P.Morgan
    Angela Brown, Mizuho International plc
    Simon Dyal, Morgan Stanley
    Paul Pritchard, NM Rothschild
    Liza Drew, Nomura International plc
    Claire Bryson, RBS
    Peter Roche, Societe Generale
    Bhupinder Kang, Standard Bank plc
    Elizabeth Chinoy, UniCredit Bank AG

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