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Focusing on regional and cross-border commercial, regulatory and legal issues, the ECM division works to develop efficient and coordinated equity-raising transactions in Europe, the Middle East, and emerging market jurisdictions.

AFME staff work with teams of experts from member firms on projects ranging from informal discussion groups to formal responses to government consultations, with the aim of:

• Providing members with a forum to discuss industry issues and concerns.
• Eliminating the inefficiencies in market practice and regulation that increase cost and impede capital formation.
• Facilitating the development of good practice, industry standards and form documentation.
• Contributing industry expertise to informed debates about regulation.
• Serving as a resource to help policy makers, media and private individuals understand the equity capital markets.

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Equity Capital Markets division

William Ferrari

Managing Director


+44 (0)20 7743 9320

  • ECM Division board

    Craig Coben, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Chair
    Alan MacAlpine, Bank of New York Mellon
    Ben Plant, Barclays
    Roger Barb, Citi
    Jon Grussing, Credit Suisse
    John Farry, Deutsche Bank
    Laura Holleman, Goldman Sachs
    Reinout Koopmans, Jefferies International
    Christopher Roberts, J.P.Morgan
    Mandy DeFilippo, Morgan Stanley
    Viren Gupta, Nomura
    Roger Scotts, UBS
    Peter Schaede, UniCredit
    Daniel Bushner, Secretary

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