AFME is the voice of Europe's wholesale financial markets. We represent the leading global and European banks and other significant capital market players. We focus on a wide range of market, business and prudential issues and offer a pan-European perspective, bringing to bear deep policy and technical expertise and constructive influence with European and global policymakers.

We advocate stable, competitive, sustainable European financial markets that support economic growth and benefit society.

On behalf of our members, we:

  • Offer a single voice for Europe's capital market participants and advocate their views at national, EU and global levels
  • Build constructive dialogue with regulators and policymakers
  • Offer our policy and product expertise to help achieve a balanced and stable regulatory environment; and
  • Promote the contribution of the financial sector to society

What we do

AFME acts as a bridge between the wholesale financial markets, politicians, regulators and the public. Our activities comprise:

  • Advocacy - close dialogue with regulators to ensure that the industry's perspective is understood and carries weight
  • Policy development - applying our market expertise to assist formulation of EU and national legislation
  • Education - helping policymakers to understand the markets
  • Communication - developing content, convening debates
  • Co-ordination - bringing market participants and industry bodies to work together on the key issues for the sector


AFME's overarching priorities are agreed by its Board. We focus on:

  • Strategy: developing pan-European reach and visibility

  • Policy and product areas:
  Funding growth in the real economy through well-functioning capital markets
     Prudential Regulation - shaping the implementation of CRD4 and Basel III
  Capital Markets - leading debate on the goals for MiFID II
  Global FX - advocating consistent, coherent global regulation
  Taxation - scrutinising the proposed Financial Transaction Tax
  Securitisation - helping to restore confidence and restart the market
  Resolution - creating a robust international framework
  Banking union - supporting EU policymakers in developing the new framework



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